12 Best Pre wedding shoot ideas for 2023 & beyond

April 9, 2023
When it comes to planning for your pre wedding shoot. Their are at least 100 different ways of going about it. In this article we discuss the top 12.

Planning for a pre-wedding shoot can be a joyful yet tedious task.

When it comes to trying something new on a pre wedding shoot, we look at what others have done and then use that as an idea for how to do the same thing in our own pictures.

If you are wondering what is a pre wedding shoot?

A pre-wedding shoot, also known as an engagement shoot, is a photoshoot that takes place two to four months prior to the wedding day, and it assists you in building a good rapport with your photographer, especially if you are hiring the same one for your wedding. It is one of the most crucial aspects of wedding planning, as it helps you in deciding the photographer you want to hire. It also helps you in getting a better idea about the photographer's style for your wedding.

In this blog, we will share some of the best pre wedding shoot ideas and tips for your photoshoot.

Let get started.

1. Try out a Beach location

Going to a nearby beach could be one of the best decisions you could make for selecting your pre wedding shoot location.

Beaches are a perfect location and have this unique vibe of creating a calming and romantic feeling for the couple which could in turn results in some of the best pre wedding photos.

The Blue sea along with the texture of the sand and rocks along the shore often results in some of the beautiful photographs which could showcase your love story in its truest form.

Harsh and Ashwini | pre wedding shoot | PhotoPoets
Beach location for your pre wedding shoot

2. Catch a Beautiful Sunset

Sunsets are wonderful on their own. So planning a photoshoot during sunset wouldn't be a bad decision.

Your wedding photographer should already know some of the best spots in your city for a sunset photo shoot, so we recommend you communicate with him to get to know some of the best spots.

If your photographer is unaware of such spots, we recommend choosing a nearby beach, a bridge, or a high rise building for this shot. If you are in the coastal region of our country, you will get a lot of amazing locations for spotting the sunset.

If you are looking for pre wedding shoot poses we recommend you read our article on Beautiful Couple Poses for your Pre-Wedding photoshoot to learn more

Vidhya and Karthick | Couple Shoot | PhotoPoets
Sunset at a beach for your pre wedding shoot

3. Embrace your traditional roots

A traditional location like the one you see below could be a great spot for the photoshoot.

We recommend going to a nearby place where you can find traditional architecture it could make up for great wedding photo shoot or a pre wedding photoshoot.

Also wearing an attire that matches the location results in great photos. If you need help picking your outfit, we recommend you read our article Simple ways to dress for your pre-wedding shoot

In pre-wedding photoshoots, the chemistry of the couple matters more than the architecture or the scenery. It is the the time to have some romantic moments together as a couple before your big day

Ram and Sowmiya | Couple Shoot | PhotoPoets
A Photoshoot location with traditional architechture
Ram and Sowmiya | Couple Shoot | PhotoPoets
Sunset photoshoot at a place named Choki Dhani in Chennai

4. At a place of your Memory

Most often than not, we look for things outside than inside. This quote perfectly describes the situation of looking for places for your pre wedding photoshoot.

Photos are meant to be remembered, and what's more memorable are photos taken at places where you have memories together as a couple.

We recommend you look for places that have played a significant role in your relationship. Like the school, you both studied, or coffee shop that you visit often, or a place where you first met the love of your life.

The best locations are often the places you both have memories of. Those photos even when they are not grandeur add a level of intimacy and meaning to them when you are looking at them after 20 - 30 years after they wear taken.

Harsh and Ashwini | Couple Portrait | PhotoPoets
Photoshoot at the couple shoot
Harsh and Ashwini | Couple Portrait | PhotoPoets
Couple on their hight school ground

5. Try Doing things you love

Who said, you should pose for your pre wedding shoots.

We recommend, you be casual and do things that you love to do together. Like holding hands, gazing at each other or teasing each other playfully

Wedding pictures could be elegant and classy whereas, for pre-wedding photography, we recommend you to be more playful to showcase real emotions

Suresh and Pavi | Couple Shoot | PhotoPoets
Bride and groom have great time for their pre-wedding shoot
Vidhya and Karthick | Couple Shoot | PhotoPoets
Bride can control her laughter as the groom jokes

6. At a tourist spot near you

Tourist spots are a great place for planning your pre wedding shoot. They are not only ideal for easily planning a photoshoot. They are also filled with amazing architecture that can elevate your photos.

We recommend choosing a place which has fewer tourist visits and something that has great architecture.

Gopi and Misato | Couple Portrait | PhotoPoets
Pre wedding shoot at mahabalipuram near chennai
Architecture | Blog | PhotoPoets
Pre wedding photoshoot with a artistic backdrop

7. Go to a Shooting spot near you

Many metro cities have dedicated shooting spots for taking pictures. Some shooting locations are also catering to the likes of pre wedding photoshoots.

We recommend you search for shooting spots in your city on google to find out relevant shoot spots in your city. It is common to see lot of couples prefer this locations as they are build for pre wedding photography

If you are from Chennai. We recommend you check out this blog for the best shooting spots in Chennai.

Suresh and Pavi | Couple Shoot | PhotoPoets
Pre wedding photoshoot at Studio 24, a shooting spot near chenani
Pre wedding in shootspot in Chennai
Pre wedding shoot at a shooting spot near chennai

8. At a Busy street in your city

Pre wedding photoshoot is an ideal time to experiment with taking new and different photos.

It is also an ideal time for your wedding photographer to experiment with his photos and also a time to get to know you better as a couple.

We recommend going to a busy market in a city and trying to do a photo shoot. It may be awkward for some time but once you get over that awkwardness and enjoy your pre wedding photoshoot. You can end up with some stunning images with natural moments in them.

Basu Street | Piggyback | PhotoPoets
Couple piggy backing on a budy street somewhere

9. Embrace the moments of Rain

Rain often makes up for a surreal experience for your pre wedding photoshoot.

Rain has this unique being romantic and magical.

If you are planning with your wedding photographers for a pre wedding shoot during monsoon. Photos taken on rain are the best way to showcase the season.

Often times rain cannot be predicted. But there is sudden burst of rain after your pre wedding shoot. we recommend not to take cover and try to get some wonderful photos with your loved one in rain.

Mahalakshmi and Raghav | Wedding | PhotoPoets
Pre wedding photoshoot during a downpour
Mahalakshmi and Raghav | Wedding | PhotoPoets
Bride dancing gracefully in rain as the groom watches

10. Experiment with a Village photoshoot

If you are closer to a village, we recommend you try out a village setting for your pre wedding shoot.

We recommend choosing a farming field to resemble a location out of a movie set. You can take photos of you both walking down the fields and using tractors and other items used for farming as props

The photos from this can be wonderful and great to look at.

PhotoPoets Traditional post wedding shoot
Pre wedding photoshoot in a village near Trichy
Arunachalam and Priyanka | Couple Shoot | PhotoPoets
Pre wedding photoshoot with lots of grass

11. Grace the beauty of the night

If you are in the mood for it, we also recommend you try out a night shoot for your pre wedding shoot along with your pre wedding photographer. 

Shooting at night can be especially tough because of the lack of light. But if your wedding photographer is talented enough, he can take some stunning pictures in the moonlight.

We recommend you start your pre wedding shoot late at night around 2 AM or 3 AM so that you can also witness the beautiful sunrise and capture in those beautiful backdrops

Meera and Nithin | Couple Shoot | PhotoPoets
Pre wedding photoshoot at night
Meera and Nithin | Couple Shoot | PhotoPoets
A Beautiful Pre wedding photoshoot at night in Chennai

12. Your home is always a right choice

Your home could also be one of the amazing places for your pre wedding photoshoot. 

If you are at your home. You will feel a sense of openness because of the fact it is your own house. 

Places like your balcony and terrace can make up for an amazing place. 

The people in the image are more important than the backdrop or place you are in. 

You could be drinking coffee and talking and simply gazing at each other. These poses could make up for a wonderful image. 

Couple at Home | PhotoPoets
Couple having a great time talking in their home
Couple at Home 2 | PhotoPoets
Pre wedding photoshoot at their home


If you have any more ideas that you want us to add to this blog, you can share them in the comment section below.

If you are planning for your pre wedding photoshoot, we recommend you check out our article here on choosing your ideal dress for your pre wedding shoot

If you like the photos you saw in this blog, we recommend you enquire with us to learn more about our wedding photography services for your wedding. 

We hope this article gave your inspirations for your pre wedding shoot. All the best for your pre wedding and hope you two have a wonderful life together filled with love. 

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